Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology
Molecular biology is a branch of general biology that deals with DNA manipulation for the point of mutation. Cell biology is the one of the most important branches of general biology. Cell biology concentrates on studying the functions and structure of cells, which is the building blocks that make up all organisms. Combined, these two basics of biology concentrate on the molecular biology of the cell.
• The field of molecular biology was made in the 1930s but no real experimentation of molecular biology was made until the 1950s. When it began, research in molecular biology was done by using x-rays to view molecules within the cell. Studying the proteins within these cells helped scientists to determine how an organism works.
• Cell biology works closely with molecular biology. It deals with all information about the cell including structure, anatomy, death and respiration. The field of cell biology dates back to the 1650s, when Robert Hooke, a English physicist, first invented the term “cell” to describe the cell of a cork tree. Within molecular biology, cells are studied by their various molecules. Proteins are one of the most important molecules in a cell. Each protein functions a certain way and when combined, molecular biology and cell biology work together to determine what those functions are.
• Neither molecular biology or cell biology would be possible without the creation of the microscope. Today’s high-tech microscopes can see the tiniest details of cells.
• The cell theory determined that a cell is the building blocks of all living things. Within cell biology, the cell theory has changed over the years. Today, the cell theory states that all living things are made of cells, old cells diving in two creates new cells, and no two cells are identical. The molecular biology of the cell has created this entire branch of general biology, without which cell could not be studied. Molecular biology could not exist without cell biology, as the two are so closely linked together.
As more progress is made over the years by scientists to further develop the technology of cell biology and microbiology, the cell theory has remained the same for almost 200 years. Watching the cell functions in molecular biology has made it possible for diseases such as cancer to be studied in depth. Due to cell biology, many diseases can be studied and understood.