Thursday, December 8, 2011


Citibank International Personal Bank Singapore



inAccount. An online global account for your savings,
trades and investments.

Powered by Citi.

What is Citibank International Personal Bank Singapore (IPB)?

Citi's premier solution to meet global banking and investment needs of affluent individuals like yourself, who are residing abroad. Benefit from Singapore's stable political environment and superior infrastructure to diversify and grow your wealth.

What is inAccount?

inAccount is a unified online platform offered by Citibank IPB Singapore that gives you instant access to your funds, while allowing you to trade, invest and manage your wealth anytime, from anywhere

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Bank and trade with ease with Citibank inAccount


Your online global account

Your global account resides in Singapore with superior infrastructure and global outlook

Trade in the U.S. and Singapore securities markets

Access a wide range of products that may not be available in your market


Instant access to your funds online and from 1.4 million Citibank and shared ATM network worldwide

Manage your savings and investment with a single login

24 hour access to your account from wherever you are

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