Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to promote your Blogger business

Nobody doubts that Blogger is one of the most popular tools for creating and posting blogs on the network since its simplicity is more than obvious , this plus we do not need any programming knowledge or web design, but there are guidelines if we want to achieve is to put our brand on the web.

The option to use a blog for online entrepreneurs today is almost an obligation , either to maintain closer contact with its clients or to promote what we do on the web , a blog gives us the opportunity to listen to our followers interact with them, and also learn to value ourselves in this process.

Post entries has many benefits, but perhaps the most important is that is one of the best tools to inspire confidence and credibility and settle yourself as an expert in your niche or topic in particular.

How to promote your Blogger business

About the visit ? Customers or potential customers interested in what you expose , suppliers , colleagues and others who paid into your blog to learn or know what you have to show, for which always exposes your items as if you were face to face with people who visit you . Keep your articles between 300 and 800 words describing a specific fears .

Write articles focused illustrating your point of view, keep in mind that people visit you because they are particularly interested in your particular way of expressing yourself , is also a time to have a professional view of what we 're trying . Write as if you were talking to a friend , public also attractive notes on the topic of your blog, fashion items , keep your audience abreast of the latest in your niche and invite your readers to leave you comments and suggestions at the entrances.

After a few days to set up your blog and you have some items in it start to receive comments from your visitors , keep in mind to know what these readers , customers or potential customers want, need or think about you or your business, can help solve problems that only they can do to optimize your products or services or to create others that you know you are in high demand.

Then there is the issue of frequent updating to achieve search engine rankings , include keywords in the title and the same at most four or five times in the content of the article will help that they are quickly indexed by search engines.

Here are some tips or suggestions to make known our blog, when you start promoting it before , inscribe , insert in your blog four or five items , as people begin to visit will want to find something to read and participate, want see the quality of what you are writing to decide whether to continue visitándote or no, and this not be achieved if you only have one entry.

Locate and RSS Feed buttons in a visible place on your blog and invite your users to register with phrases such as " Subscribe to Feed ", " Add us to your reader Fed ", etc. Register your blog on the greatest number of blog directories and blog search engines you can, it will help to place external links that would improve the PageRank of your blog and your site .

Place links on every page of your site pointing to your blog to drive traffic to it, improve your position in search engines , also uses your signature to advertise your space , simply add your URL after the signature when sending emails , publications, classified, etc. .

There are thousands of ways to promote a blog, for example to promote an individual entry or post and make it known to the world must do a PING , you can do from the site www.Pingomatic.com, Which makes this application is to tell the bases or blog directories that you've updated your blog.
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