Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Start Earning From Paid To Promote (PTP) Sites?

Earn in Paid to Promote Sites, Best Paid to Promote Program Review

Here are honest sites that will Linkpay for your efforts as a FREE member by clicking their advertisments, signing up at the paid-to-signup category and promoting their sites using their paid-to-promote tools.

The sites below is slightly different from other PTC sites due to earnings are mainly geared towards using the paid to promote or PTP links to promote sites.

My strategy:

I use these sites to promote my traffic exchange links in 1 page to get referrals. I use these traffic exchanges to promote other traffic exchange sites that are PTP or paid to promote friendly programs.

First: I signed up in Traffic Tornado and Traffic Hoopla, these 2 sites has the list of the best traffic exchanges in the net. I've develop a system from these two leading traffic builders that can be set in AUTOPILOT delivering unlmited traffic to your links that you are promoting. To learn more about HOW TO BUILD DOWNLINES, UNLIMITED TRAFFIC AND PROFITS FROM TRAFFIC EXCHANGES, I can send it to you thru your e-mail.

Build traffic with free traffic exchanges


Traffic Tornado has a great bonus application that lets me use my TAB button to move from one Firefox browser tab to the next. I surf 10 traffic exchange sites all at once using my TAB button and my mouse.

Traffic Hoopla has the best / top traffic exchange sites listed. Their listings are updated weekly, so you will know which traffic exchanges are really the best as voted by traffic exchange members.

I have a total of 30 traffic exchange sites and I surf 1 hour per group of 10 traffic exchange sites. I can get 1,000 credits from 1 group of traffic exchange sites surfing for 1-2 hours. So 3 groups of 10 TEs, I have 3,000 credits per day.

Second: I promote the paid to promote sites, traffic tornado and traffic hoopla in these traffic exchanges to earn cash and get referrals as well. As such, CPM = Credits per 1000.

What is CPM?

M is the Roman letter for 1000.
C refers to Credits earn for hits to your website.

So CPM stands for Credits per Thousand views.
Do note that 1 hit may not equate to 1 credit due to the Tier system where different countries hit equate to different credits. Hits from USA, UK and Canada normally equate to 1 credit per hit.
As such, CPM = Credits per 1000.

What are Tiers?

Tiers refers to the category ratings for countries which are based on advertising demand. Most PTP sites have the same Tiers ratings for the countries but the credits for each Tier may not be the same. An example of credits to Tiers is as below.

Tier 1: Each hit will count as 1 credits
Tier 2: Each hit will count as 0.8 credits
Tier 3: Each hit will count as 0.5 credits
Tier 4: Each hit will count as 0.2 credits
Tier 5: Each hit will count as 0.1 credits

Things to Remember When Promoting Paid To Promote Links...

Check the approved site list for sites that are approved to promote your PTP links. Many people promote the links NOT in approved sites and get 0 credits for that.

Check the Tiers information to find out your target audience, some sites offer much less credits for lower Tiers.

Set your advertisment such that it is shown to visitors ONCE EVERY 24hrs. MOST if not ALL PTP links have a unique 24hrs timer where returned visitors' hits are not counted if they are within 24hrs.

Paid To Promote Sites:

1. AdvertsThatPay

2. MilleniaClicks

3. Clicksia

4. Incentria

5. STCashUnlimited

6. ITY.im

7. Donkey Mails

8. Tenderclicks

9. CashNHits

10. No-MoreHits

More to Come....

Remember this:

You have many sites to promote, 5 PTP sites, Traffic Tornado and Traffic Hoopla. The PTP sites earns you money while Tornado and Hoopla gets you referrals. These referrals will give you extra credits for your TEs and PTPs. This system can run in autopilot!!! Just follow my STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE (Click the Link above)

Where to Promote PTP Sites:

There are some sites that don't approve PTP sites. Here are traffic exchanges that is PTP friendly. You can set this PTP friendly traffic exchanges as one group. Promote your PTP sites here:

1. Hogs Hollow

2. SF-Traffic

3. Traffic G

4. Start Xchange

5. Clock Surf

6. Share Ads Space

7. New Way Surf

8. Helpful Hits

9. Surf VO

10. Hot Website Traffic

11. Cyber Hits

12. Hit Tactic