Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ant Bully

Have recently watched an animated flick entitled “The Ant Bully”. It was because I expected it to be more touching as ‘A Bug’s Life” was. This was my second insect movie this year after “Bee Movie” and I like the latter better. Well, they both had this same theme of spotting out life in an insect’s perspective but the edge of Bee Movie over The Ant Bully was they had more depth to their story.Made me want to have money now to watch it again!Is there a benchmark lending in our country?

Anyways, so much for those movies. I am honest to say I’ve never bullied anyone before. I wasn’t that strong anyways. My role during my student life was the bully’s victim and they don’t have to look the same. To put in a nice way, some appeared to be exactly like a bully without even having the look of a bully. I hated them then. They made me wish to yell they borrow lives from benchmark lending.

The bullies in my life don”t have to be human also. For years. I’ve been bullied with my inferiority complex. There were times that I wished benchmark lending would have an available stocked confidence booster I can borrow. If only then I did not let that bully me, I would have been a much-improved person by now.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I must say I have improved these past few years. But I there were some experiences or should I say opportunities that I missed due this bully inside me. I was a coward then but I’ve learned now. With all the people believing in me and my capacity, I don’t think I’ll be needing benchmark lending for my confidence. Not that they have it anyways.