Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Online Commerce : Trends in 2011

Online commerce is faster, cheaper and more convenient than the traditional methods of bartering goods and services. In the near future, the trend is predicted to accelerate blurring the boundaries between “conventional” and “e business software” marketplaces. Online commerce has penetrated markets for quite some time in the form of E Data Interchange. Here is a look at the latest online commerce trends:

  • Drastically increased and accelerated communication. The importance of customer service will increase incredibly in the future. These centers will be the collection of communication tools that ensures two-way communication with the customers through many channels and in real time.
  • Increased use of Social Media. Companies have realized how they can earn money with the help of social media. Social Media is rather used as a customer service channel for successful companies and they use it to build their brands and communities.
  • Without personality business becomes more difficult. Expectations for e-retailers are increasing and they are considered not only as the supplier of products but as partners who solve problems and can be trusted.
  • The increasing role of returning customers. The more times the customer comes back to purchase, the more valuable they are for us. The marketing, logistics and customer service departments have to work together for efficient results.

These are the hottest trends of online commerce pointing to the fact that Online commerce is here to stay and need of the hour!