Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Benchmark Mortgage's Home Loans and Benchmark Lending Programs.

A full-service Mortgage Banker and Lending as well as Broker, Benchmark was founded in 1999 as an affiliation of mortgage professionals. We're Dallas-based and support almost 400 branches nationwide. We are licensed in 45 states, have applications pending approval in 3 states and are in the application process with the final 2 states. We anticipate licensure in all 51 jurisdictions soon. We maintain an excellent reputation for closing loans in a timely and professional manner. Our company is founded on customer centricity and service that exceeds the expectations of our valued Branch Partners and their clients. We are growing rapidly and desire to become the premier branch provider in America.

Our portfolio of Benchmark lending products is wide-ranging. As large, full-service Mortgage Bankers, we have a warehouse capacity of $130 million monthly which we can double as required. This allows Benchmark to fund deals other brokers cannot entertain. And we typically offer lower pricing than can be obtained by borrowers going directly to these lenders. In addition to our direct lending we are approved with 200+ other banks and investors. We have direct access to all FNMA, FHMA, HUD and VA programs. Indeed, Benchmark is a "Full Eagle" Title II Non-Supervised FHA lender and a VA LAPP approved lender. We offer popular OptionARM's on our in-house banked line, featuring 1.50% start rates on loans up to $6 million. We also fund super Jumbo's and a variety of subprime loans including 100% loans to a 580 credit score with no MI and 95% LTV loans with no documentation. We're experts with Purchases, Refi's, One-Time Close Construction Loans, Home Improvement loans, 2nds, Investment Property loans, Debt Consolidation loans, Stated Income Lending and Damaged Credit loans.