Saturday, July 2, 2011

1000 Installment Loan – Easy Approval with Bad Credit

We have been looking for the best lenders in the wide American loan market that approve 1000 dollar installment loans easily and quickly. Finding a company that will approve loans between $500 and $1000 dollars is no problem but finding one that will approve the loan really fast and get the money in checking or saving account within one hour, or by the next morning was a little more difficult. We have finally found a lender that does handle 1000 dollar loans, and they process their applications super fast.

So today we are going to feature a loan application from one of our users that was approved in one hour using this company (we have a link at the top of the page that says, “$1000 Installment Loans Overnight / Bad Credit Applicants Are Welcome“. If you follow that link you will be on the website of the lender that was used by the approved applicant in this feature.

$1000 Dollar Installment Loan – One Hour Approved Loan – Introduction

We have a little bit of background information on the applicant below and the pre-application form she filled out to get the loan approved. The reason the loan was approved so fast is because she made the application during business hours and there was no hiccups with her application – meaning she had all of her information available, and she didn’t miss anything on the application either.

We are submitting this application form in it’s short form, and we are protecting the privacy of the borrower by changing personal info. All of the other information is accurate and won’t do any harm at all to publish. She agreed to have her pre-application published here just in case you were wondering. You would be surprised at how money applicants and approved borrowers are quite willing to have their information posted here on – as a matter of fact, some applicants don’t even care if we publish their real name and address!!! Crazy I know, and of course we NEVER do that.

$1000 Dollar Installment Loan – One Hour Approved Loan – Bad Credit Applicant

So here is the application form our willing applicant. She was approved in 1 hour and was very happy to get on with her life and use the money for emergency reasons. We mention why she needed $1000 in such a hurry below the app.

Installment Loan Amount :: $1000 or more
Installment Loan approval Speed :: As soon as humanly possible – I can wait until tomorrow morning, but no later than that
What City/Town, State, and County do you live in? :: Houston Texas – Harris County
Zip :: 77005
Active duty military personal? :: No I’m not (too scary for me)
What is your employment industry and how long in this field – detail please? :: I am a nurse and have been a registered nurse for 3 years in Houston, TX
Employment Position :: Registered Nurse
When are you paid? :: Monthly
What would you consider your credit rating to be – excellent, great, good, fair, bad? ::
How did you find us? :: Google searching
Bank Name :: Prosperity Bank
Bank branch :: 777 Walker Street Branch
How are you paid? (eft, direct deposit, paper check) :: EFT (electronically)
Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $2987 per month
Do not include ABA or bank routing numbers here. This is for your personal security. Do not enter social security numbers here. Do you agree to have this application information published online with your PRIVATE info removed? :: I agree to your terms of service and yes, you can publish this verbatim
Any extra information here please :: I have always had a good job and I am a reliable employee so I know that you will be repaid without question and on time.
Note to Lender – Please add any information you are comfortable with sharing regarding this loan :: Please consider my application for a fast $1000 dollar advance. I
really need to have the money in my account ASAP and the reason is that have to pay my landlord some rent money or I will be kicked out of our home within the
week. Me and my daughter would have nowhere to go in Houston because my family lives in Pensacola Florida. I don’t want to leave Texas, so we need to get this
loan to happen for sure. I can pay it all back in the next 3 months, and I see that you allow paying back the loan in 100 days. Please get back to me today!
Have you ever defaulted or bounced a check with a payday cash advance loan in the past? :: No

$1000 Dollar Installment Loan – One Hour Approved Loan – Bad Credit Applicant Gets Approved

So we’re glad to see that this young mother and nurse was approved to get $1000 deposited into her account within an hour, and she avoided getting evicted by the landlord and property management company. We found out that the next week she moved back in with her estranged husband who is a lawyer in Houston. They all moved to another home in Houston Heights, which is nice neighborhood to live in.

It’s great to learn about happy endings sometimes. Now if an applicant doesn’t get lucky enough to be with a partner or spouse that earns a great living and holds a really good paying job or career, then their debt and financial problems may have continued onwared and upward, and causing an eventual eviction and who knows what.

We never pointed out that this applicant also had a bad credit rating due to her marital problems. When borrowers have really bad credit they are automatically forced into the high-risk category in the eyes of lenders. This means that even if they the applicant can get a loan approved it will be for a crushing APR (annual percentage rate) and then the debt hole gets deeper and deeper and deeper. HOWEVER, if they can get a consolidation loan somewhere along the way, earn more money on a monthly basis, and reduce their monthly bills, they can turn their finances around.