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Lending money to people with bad credit is not as risky as most banks want you to believe. The statistics show that the majority of people with bad credit are secure credit risk.

Why.....because they don't want anymore hassles and they are usually dedicated to fixing their credit rating. A defaulted payment sure won't help them on their way back to a good credit rating. So when you are in a position to negotiate your loan rates you need to be aggressive. Don't assume that because you have bad credit you deserve whatever interest rate they offer. This is what we kept in mind when we built this financing resource.

Bad credit personal loans can be acquired, but you need to know where to go to find them. Simply surfing the Internet for sub-prime, personal financing, can be very frustrating. You need to get some professional help.

Why Using Lazerloan Won't Hurt Your Credit Rating Further

The lenders we ( have listed below are online personal loan providers that do not share the record of your application with other companies. This is good, as it won't effect your credit rating in a negative way.

We update our lenders, and personal financing resources, so that we keep up on who's who, and what's what. If have bad credit, and you want a personal loan, take a good close look at our two personal financing options shown below.

Excellent Personal Loan Directory

Personal Loans @ The WOF
Cecil Loans has been providing links and information for personal loans, regardless of credit ratings. They suggest you use a reputable lender, and they give links to these lenders who deal in private and bank personal loans.

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