Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trade Dollar Coins

(509) 782-3500

Interested in coin collecting? Have an interest in purchasing bullion (gold, silver, etc.) locally? You might want to give Trade Dollar Coins a look the next time you are approaching the Cashmere area. Located inside the Apple Annie’s Antique Gallery!, across 2/97 from Martin’s Marketplace, Larry Baker has everything that a novice or a seasoned pro might need. He also deals in bullion and so for the serious investor he has a whole host of options at competitive prices.

I went in today, looking for some protective cases for some of my bullion. He has everything from tubes to single air tite holders for both silver and gold coins. He also has a vast selection of U.S. coinage and bills. I am not a collector but rather an investor in gold & silver bullion so it is good to know that he is competitive with my online source and I have no investment in shipping & handling costs which can be significant, depending on the size of my order. So, the next time that you are in the Cashmere area, at the first light, rather than turning left and heading into Cashmere, turn right and keep to the right as you backtrack a block to Apple Annie’s. You should enter on the far right and Trade Dollar Coins will be just a booth back and to your right. The area is spacious and the selection for the curious collector is what I might consider to be better than average. If you are visiting the Leavenworth area, Trade Dollar Coins and Apple Annie’s are located just 15 minutes East on 2/97. Turn left at the 3rd Cashmere light and it will be staring you directly in your face!