Saturday, July 2, 2011

Loan Application

New Car Loan Application for a Chevy Volt in Los Angeles

This is an auto loan applications from LA that was submitted by an applicant who wants to buy a new Chevrolet Volt and wants to do a trade in with his 2006 Toyota Prius. He has indicated that he has a $5000 dollar down payment to use. With his trade in value of close to $16,000 and his cash down, he has a total of $21,000.

So our applicant wants to get a $20,000 loan to cover the difference for the new Chev Volt. His credit rating is rather bad because of some missed payments on his Discover Card, and he has had some trouble with his Visa Cards in the past as well.

He blames on relationships and bad luck, and that is fine, but dealerships, banks, lenders, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian don’t care at all about the reasons for not making payments on time and in full – it’s completely impersonal. It’s just a mathematical record of your payments to creditors that matters in the long run. So never take it personally when you are declined on any kind of loan.

This new car loan was ultimately approved, even with his bad credit, because he has held a solid job for over 5 years with the same employer and because the lender used the new car as security as well. The down payment factored in as well. Unfortunately, due to the applicant’s poor credit rating, his APR on the loan was high. (Continued)

Loan Applications for Home, Mortgage, Auto, Personal, Payday, Bad Credit and Student Loans

Here at CLF, online loan applications are submitted every day from applicants who need to borrow money for home mortgages, auto loans, personal, payday, bad credit, and student loans (just to name a few). Today we are going to talk about the loan applications we have been publishing here for the past 3 years. Sort of a look back at all the applicants and their submissions so far on our site.

All of the published loan apps here are done with the utmost security we can muster. We change the names of the applicants if for any reason we think that the borrower’s identity could possibly be compromised due to the detailed nature of the information in the application form they fill out. If you have never been to our site before, then I would like answer a common questions.

Most Common Loan Application Question – The question is always, “where do we find the application forms on your site so I can fill it out”. The answer is that we use the comments sections for these apps that come through from eager applicants who want to get approved by a lender in their area. You can find this application area at the bottom of each post on the site. You do a search for the type of loan product you are looking for by using our search tool at the top of any page on CLF. (Continued)

Quick Cash Loan for $1000 in Sacramento, Car

In Sacramento this applicant needs a $1000 dollar advance so he can quickly get himself a motorcycle to get around on. He had to give up his GMC truck in order pay off his credit card balance that was just killing him in interest payments.

He sold the truck to a friend for over $2000 dollars and this left him with another problem. Now he wants to kill three birds with one stone and buy a second hand bike to get from point A to point B. This borrower is quite young in age (23) and doesn’t have any issues with feeding and supporting children and family, so he can free-wheel his life a little still. (Continued)