Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Cash Loan for $1000 in Sacramento, Ca

In Sacramento this applicant needs a $1000 dollar advance so he can quickly get himself a motorcycle to get around on. He had to give up his GMC truck in order pay off his credit card balance that was just killing him in interest payments.

He sold the truck to a friend for over $2000 dollars and this left him with another problem. Now he wants to kill three birds with one stone and buy a second hand bike to get from point A to point B. This borrower is quite young in age (23) and doesn’t have any issues with feeding and supporting children and family, so he can free-wheel his life a little still.

He is going to save money on fuel, have a way to get to work and back home to his small studio apartment in Sacramento, and avoid another car payment. His last monthly loan payments on his truck were problematic due to the fact that he is still not exactly a low-risk borrower – he still parties allot and spends money like it is water.

Quick Cash Loan Amount :: $1000

Quick Cash Advance Speed :: 3 days

Quick Cash Loan Term Length :: 1 week (7 days)

Have You Taken Out a Quick Cash Advance in the past 3 years? :: Yes

What City/Town and State do you live in? :: Sacramento, California

Are you military personal (active duty)? :: No (used to be in the Marines)

Job Description :: Auto Mechanic

Choose your credit rating from below please :: Fair

- excellent
- good
- fair
- bad
- very bad
- terrible

For your security, please don’t include the following;

- ABA or bank routing #
- SSN (social security number)
- Real Name
- Street Address
- Work Address
- Name of Employer

Have you defaulted on the loan payment recently? :: No

What do you need this loan for? :: I recently had to sell my truck to a friend for $2500 to pay down some bills I owed and they were mostly on my plastic. I of course found myself without a means of transportation, so now I am buying a used bike to get around in. The cost of as is so bad these days and this is a good idea for me considering the roads are always in fairly good condition where I live in Sacramento so this can work for me. The only issue I have is that my FICO score is not so good at 610. There are no lenders that will lend to me in a hurry, and I have to consider also that I don’t have any lines of credit with my bank (BOA), and I can’t even get an overdraft of any sort.

I really between a rock and harder place on this one, so any help your writers can give me, or any loans your lenders can give me would be great.