Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Credit Check Personal Installment Loans: Get Funds For Your Needs

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Are you in looking for personal installment loan, but facing credit issues? If so then you seek out the fruitful provision of no credit check personal installment loans accessible in the market. These are not easy to find as lenders wants to check your credit before giving you loan. There are two options that will require a credit check and one that will not.

Firstly, always check with your own bank or credit union. Sometimes there is more that they can do than you think. If you have been with them for several years, have had other loans in the past with them, or have investment accounts with them, then they may be able to assist you when you require a personal loan. They will check your credit, but if you have a good rapport with them, then they might provide you a loan despite of your credit.

Secondly, you can use Prosper. This is a marketplace for private lenders and borrowers to get together. They will drag your credit, but only once and they will offer you a credit rating with them. Once they have finished this the private individual lenders will be able to bid on your loan scheduling and assist you to fund your loan. This is a most appropriate way to avail a loan as it is not always about credit with Prosper.

Lastly, the most suitable option for no credit check personal installment loans is to entail a payday loan or cash advance. They hardly ever check credit and most of the time they lend money on the basis of your current income and repayment ability. These loans allow you to avail an amount within the range of $100 to $1,500, but they will have to be paid back within a repayment period of 7-30 days. You can generally extend the loan for another 30 days for a fee that is about 3% to 5% of the loan amount. It’s entirely depending on the lender.