Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bad Credit Installment Loans

Bad Credit Installment Loans

$1500 Installment Loans Approved Overnight - Bad Credit Applicants Welcome!

Lending money to people with bad credit is not as risky as most banks want you to believe. The statistics show that the majority of people with bad credit scores are secure credit risks.

Our data shows that over 90% of our borrowers pay back what they owe in full, and their installment payments are paid 85% of the time. So much for assuming that all borrowers with bad credit are bad customers and bad investments.

Why.....because these borrowers don't want anymore hassles and they are usually dedicated to fixing their credit rating. A defaulted payment sure won't help them on their way back to a good credit rating. So when you are in a position to negotiate your loan rates you need to be aggressive. Don't assume that because you have bad credit you deserve whatever interest rate the lender(s) offer you.

Bad credit installment loans can ALSO be acquired, but you need to know where to go to find them. Simply surfing the Internet for sub-prime, installment financing, can be very frustrating. You need to get some professional help.

Why Using Lazerloan Won't Hurt Your Credit Rating Further

At we don't have you fill out an application without understanding the full implications of how it effects your credit rating over time. Making a request for financing of any kind will effect your credit rating in a negative manner.

When you are applying for an installment loan, you must not just fill out forms in a rush on multiple online application forms. Stick to one good lender that is trustworthy and reputable. We have provided allot of information on on lenders that will get your money quickly.

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