Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Fuck for Forest
Fuck for forest.jpgWe're no prudes when it comes to sex, but when we read about the kooky Norwegian kids behind Fuck for Forest, we did cock our heads and raise our eyebrows. But are these extremists "a new breed of environmentalists--or perhaps a new breed of porn stars"? That's what Grist magazine writer Lissa Harris asked. ::Fuck for Forest

First, Leona Johansson, 21, and Tommy Holm Ellingsen, 28, got on stage during a rock festival and went all the way for their cause (the environment). Now they're trying to raise cash for environmental causes with their pay-for porno Web site. Only trouble is, a lot of global organizations won't accept their, um, cheeky help. So are they nude poseurs or true causers? It's hard to tell, but at some point, that cash will surely be scooped up by a good cause...Wait a sec--we're a good cause. Hey! Fuck for Forest! Over here!