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Auto Rank ToplistX - Working Nulled

Auto Rank ToplistX 100% Working Nulled

Auto Rank ToplistX 100% Working Nulled

ToplistX has all of the features you would expect in a standard toplist script. Below you will find a list of the major features included with ToplistX, however please don't consider this a complete list of features. Be sure to check out the demo to get a better idea of what all ToplistX can do, and please feel free to ask questions if you can't find what you're looking for.

Account Submissions
* Allow other webmasters to create accounts for your top sites list
* Close the account submission form at any time
* Accounts checked for the following during submission:
o Check that the site URL is working
o Check if URL forwards or redirects surfers
o Check for blacklisted items
o Check the length of the site title
o Check the length of the site description
o Check banner size by downloading the file
* Optionally allow webmasters to provide keywords with their account data
* Verification codes (CAPTCHA) can be used on the submission form to prevent spam submissions (GD required)
* Webmaster can optionally provide a banner for their account
o Banner can be downloaded to check dimensions and filesize
o Banner can be stored and served from your server for faster page loads
* Optionally require that submitters confirm their account through their e-mail address
* Optionally review accounts before they will become active in your top sites list
* Webmasters can optionally select a category which suits their site

General Account Features
* Each account can be assigned to a specific category
* Each account can have a banner assigned that can optionally be displayed with it in the top sites list
* User defined database fields allow you to collect and store any additional information about accounts that you like
* Accounts can be scanned at any time to make sure they are still working and following your rules
* Delete or suspend accounts at any time
* Lock accounts to prevent the site owner from editing the account settings

Statistics Tracking
* Two different tracking methods:
o Embedded: Sites send surfers directly to your site; click tracking script is embedded in your page(s)
o Unique link: A unique tracking link is provided to each account which they need to place on their site
* Embedded tracking method gives you better search engine ranking
* Software will track the number of surfers each member account sends to your site
* Both unique and raw clicks will be tracked
* Software will track the number of clicks that each surfer makes on your site
* Software tracks statistics for every hour for the past 24 hours
* Software tracks statistics for every day for the past 365 days
* Software tracks the number of visitors that you "owe" to each site so you can be sure to return traffic to them with skimming

Traffic Skimming

* Setup any link on your site for traffic skimming
* Set the percentage of clicks that will go to one of your member sites
* Remaining clicks will go to the URL passed to the skimming script
* Member site selected based on which one is owed the most
* Will not send a surfer to the same member site more than once
* Great for use with TGP sites

Powerful Control Panel
* Manage all aspects of your top sites list from the control panel
* Nearly all data is searchable and displayed paginated so you can locate items quickly
* Setup multiple control panel accounts so you can have others help you process accounts
* View statistics for each of your accounts
* Manage all of your top sites list pages and their templates
* Add new top sites list pages at any time
* Perform database backups
* Check for new versions of the software
* Run the account scanner at any time to check the accounts in your database
* Add a single account, setting all of it's configuration options
* Quick tasks interface to perform search-and-replace queries on your accounts, TGP pages, and page templates

* Setup as many categories as you like
* Each category can have it's own settings
* Each category can be set to accept picture or movie galleries or both
* Each category can be configured with a banner size that you allow
* Set the allowed site title length for each category
* Set the allowed site description length for each category
* Easily rename categories at any time
* Setup hidden categories that webmasters cannot select from, but from which you can maintain through the control panel

Toplist Pages
* Configure as many toplist pages as you like (within your server's hardware limits)
* Each toplist page can have it's own template so you can customize the design and accounts that are displayed
* Each toplist page can be configured to only display accounts from a specific category
* Extremely powerful template system to allow nearly any design imaginable
* Template wizard to help you generate the code needed to display accounts on your pages
* All generated pages are static so they don't cause excessive load on your server
* You choose the name and file extension for all of your toplist pages

Account Scanner (PHP CLI version required)
* Run the account scanner at any time to check up on the accounts in your database
* Make sure the accounts are still working
* Can be started through cron for automatic operation
* You select which accounts get scanned
* Report of galleries breaking your rules will be generated

End User Search Engine
* Surfers will be able to search for accounts based on the title, description and keywords they have set
* Surfers can limit searches to a specific category
* Search engine uses boolean mode search for powerful custom searches
* Caching system for common searches to reduce the load on your server

Integrated Ad Management/Rotation System
* Configure advertisements to display on your toplist pages
* Limit which categories advertisements can be displayed in
* Track the number of clicks your advertisements receive
* Advertisements can be rotated each time you build your toplist pages

Surfer Site Rating Feature
* Surfers can rate any of the accounts in your database
* Display the site's rating on the ranking page as a number, stars, or other methods
* Sort your sites by the ratings they have received

Surfer Submitted Account Comments
* Surfers can leave comments about any account in your database
* Comments can be viewed by other surfers
* Require that comments be approved before they are displayed
* Easily manage the comments through the software control panel
* Comments are checked against your blacklist

Ranking Images for Member Sites
* Each member can display an image on their site
* The image for the top ranked sites can include their current ranking
* You control how many of the top ranked sites will have their rank on the image

Review New Accounts
* Optional feature can be enabled at any time
* Be notified by e-mail when a new account is created
* Quickly make changes to an account before approving it
* Send approval e-mail to account when it is approved
* Send customized rejection e-mail to account if it is rejected

Review Account Editing
* Optional feature can be enabled at any time
* Be notified by e-mail when an account is edited
* See the old and new information side by side
* Reject or approve account editing at any time
* Helps keep your list clean

Cron Script Included (cron required)
* Allows you to rebuild your ranking pages at the times you specify
* Allows you to backup your database at the times you specify
* Reduce server load by handling statistic updates only when needed

* Assign specific icons to each account which are displayed on the ranking page
* New accounts can have an icon displayed next to them
* Icons can be displayed to show how the site has moved within the rankings

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