Monday, June 6, 2011

Cassie Hack – Suicide Girl

Comics and cartoons

Cassie Hack, the sexy teenage killer of serial killers from Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash has crossed over from being a comics hottie to being a Suicide Girls model: “People are always describing Cassie as the Suicide Girl type, and now I can definitely answer yes. I have had an account for five years now, and Hack/Slash is a perfect fit for Suicide Girls, because people are also always asking me if they can see her naked,” Tim Seeley.

Cassie Hack Hack Slash Suicide Girls.jpg

I think this is actually fun – a fictional character modelling for a well-known slightly naughty website. And yes although their models are usually real girls you could argue that the persona they project on the site is essentially a virtual construct based on them, not the real person, which would make Cassie’s entry a virtual model of a fictional character – my old lecturer in postmodernism would explode in delight at the thought of it. And before anyone gets outraged and cries sexploitation remember that it is just a bit of fun and that the Suicide Girls are actually quite popular for women as well as men and I’m guessing there’s a fair bit of their readership who might be interested in checking the comics as a result. Devil’s Due and Suicide Girls have teamed up to also put up the latest Hack/Slash story on the site first, before it sees print later in the summer. (link via Comic News International)