Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Hey Blake Lively, Own Your Naked Photos, Girl!

Nude photos claiming to be of Blake Lively have been circling the web today, and the Internet’s been exploding over the series of titillating hotel bathroom iPhone shots. Blake’s publicist immediately denied that the photos are actually of Blake, calling them “100 percent FAKE,” but we’re not buying it. The pics look pretty darn authentic, not to mention the fact that Blake totally owns that iPhone case (see Exhibit A). But we’re not trying to bring a forensic scientist into the situation (unless Matthew Gray Gubler happens to be available), we’re just here to talk about why Blake should totally own these nudes (which you can see in their raw state over at Fleshbot).

Even before these photos leaked, Blake Lively never exactly left a whole lot to the imagination, body-wise. We’ve seen Blake baring cleavage and strutting about in bikinis, and there certainly must be people out there who have taken the mental leap and imagined her fully naked. And do these nudes disappoint? Hello no — this woman’s body is incredible. Plus, it isn’t like she’s doing anything super embarrassing — there are no fingers in orifices or goofy orgasm faces. These are some relatively tasteful and erotic shots for cell phone self-portraits.

We certainly understand why a person would want to keep private photos of themselves naked, like, actually private — but it’s too late now. The photos are already out there, they’re awesome, and Blake would be such a total badass if she just casually owned up to the pics. Rihanna did that, basically saying “yeah, that’s me, whatever” about her own nudes, and it was great. So come on, Blake — set an example for all the kids out there and own your naked photos.