Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hacker tools

Windows More
[Passwords] OrbitPasswordDecryptor 1.0

[Encryption] Microcrypt Pro 4.0

[Various] I Folder Locker 1.1

[Passwords] Kana Checksum

[Encryption] YAz Encryption Algorithm 0.1

[Various] AntiPorno Win 1.14

[Various] Free Boss Key 4.5

[Networking] SD Edit 1.6

[Various] PROACTIME PRO 5.1.3

[Privacy] myINFOSAFE

Mac OS X More
[Networking] netifera-1.0-macosx

[Monitoring] Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger 1.0

[Access Control] Adeona For Mac 0.2.1a

[Wireless] Gemaad 9.12

[Passwords] KeePassX 0.4.3

[Passwords] KeyChainDD

[Various] Thief Hunter 0.1.1b

[Encryption] MySecureShell SFTP-Server 1.1

[Scanners] MacScan 2.5

[Firewalls] The DoorStop X Security Suite 2.2

Linux More
[Various] usbsploit-0.4-BETA-linux-i686

[Programming] listener-2.0.0

[Various] puck.iso

[Networking] tmac-v1.0-beta

[Programming] hashkill-0.2.3

[Programming] kmotion_2.11_Beta

[Firewalls] webfwlog-0.94

[Various] ext3secdel alpha

[Networking] NetSlaughter

[Encryption] bcm58xx 2.03

Pocket PC More
[Antivirus] CleanMyPC 1.0.24

[Encryption] PC Lock 1.0.0

[Monitoring] DM Net Time and Watch Administrator

[Encryption] Hash Codes Portable (64-bit)

[Encryption] Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery

[Antivirus] SafenSoft SysWatch Deluxe

[Privacy] Neontor

[Scanners] Lynx VirusScan 1.0.2

[Antivirus] Returnil System Safe Pro [GIVEAWAY] 3.2.10853.5462

[Antivirus] Zillya! Antivirus 1.1.2942.0

Top Week
Craagle v1.9


Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 2.1

User Time Administrator

Super Bluetooth hack New 2008 v1.08

Troyano Bifrost v1.2

WebCracker v4.0

ProRat v1.9 Fix2

aircrack-ng-0.9.1 + airpcap



Free Hide Folder 2.6

KeyLogger NET+


Password Cracker

SpyNet v3.12

Free File Wiper 0.4b

Apheve 1.1

UDPFlood v2.0

Free Boss Key 4.5

AccessDiver 4.120

Net-Devil 1.5

Assessment More
[Windows] ITknowledge24 MRU Search Cleanup Tool

[Windows] JSky

[Root Kits] StuxnetRemover

[Cisco] RouterDefense-BruCON-2010-version-0.5

[Exploits] Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool 1.0.0

[Exploits] exploitation-arm

[Windows] ostinato-bin-win32-0.1.1

[Windows] ostinato-src-0.1.1


[Windows] ScoopyNG

Defense More
[Cryptography] Kryptelite 6.11

[Cryptography] JaVi 1.02

[Cryptography] MTCrypt 0.9.5

[Unix] ddosim-0.2

[Unix] go-derper

[Cryptography] publimark-0.1.4

[Unix] pinktrace-0.0.5

[Unix] Turtle

[Cryptography] SFX Creator 1.8

[Packet Sniffers] hexinject-1.1

Papers More
[Security] sql-command.pdf

[Security] sslstrip-hijack.pdf

[Security] binding-daemon.pdf

[Security] breaking-oracle.pdf

[Security] weaponizing-wireless.pdf

[Security] dtrace-swissarmy.pdf

[Security] default-allow.pdf

[Security] intelligent-debugging.pdf

[Security] fuzzing-wireplay.pdf

[Security] CHM OwnerGuard 11.2.1

Miscellaneous More
[Remote and Trojans] weevely-r54

[Remote and Trojans] Wimp 2.0

[Remote and Trojans] RWW-Attack-0.9.2

[Anonymity] JonDo 00.12.005

[mobile phones] PhoneWallet 1.0.0

[Group Releases] Driver Sweeper 3.0.0

[Anonymity] Proxymizer 1.0

[Remote and Trojans] STL WebDl v0.1

[Remote and Trojans] Nemesis Remote Desktop 1.0

[Wireless Security] epassport_emulator_v1.02