Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Hack Google AdSense

“Formal education provides you a living. Self-education provides you a fortune!” – Th0R

People dreaming. They dreamed about becoming one of those filthy rich millionaires in a single night. They dreamed about becoming one of those successful Internet Marketer or even an Online Entrepreneurship. They dreamed about having billions of dollars from their online businesses. They even dreamed about changing this kind of a lame monthly Google AdSense income:

Lame PPC Profit!

Into something huge and flashy like this:

Great PPC Profit!

Most of them were failing in the progress – but not now! Why? Because I offer you, along with answering the loads of blog comments and emails that I’ve received regarding to the Adjacking method which been described within my very book (titled as US$1,000 per Months from the Internet) the best possible way to cheat Pay-per-Click Companies’ money! And here is my story:

Simple! I prepare 2 files within my very computer named ads.txt and ignore-this.html.

Within the Ignore-this.html I inserted one PPC script which comes from AdSense Camp (Indonesia Local PPC Company). The script looks like this!

And I just upload that Ignore-this.html file onto my very website let’s say to (this is just a fiction URL, you need to apply this on your own website).

After the uploading is done – I went to WordPress Plugins Directory to pick up one simple plugin which executed right on the index.php of my WordPress! I found myself stuck with this Let it Snow plugin, it’s quite funny since it only allow snow rains on your index.php for a Christmas celebration or some similar events! LoL!

I uploaded all the plugins component and open my WordPress Administrator Control Panel in order to edit the very script of this plugin! During the editing process, I just copy and paste an additional codes from my prepared ads.txt (do not forget to change the URL into your own ignore-this.html URL) right at the end of the original script – makes it looks like this:

Editing Let It Snow Plugin!

The next thing I do is to click the update button right on the bottom of the page and activate the plugin:

Editing Plugin!

Viola! That’s it! And what I’ve got is a nice looking blog which will trap it’s visitors to click on my invisible AdSense Camp’s advertisement – the advertisement block itself will invisibly follow my mouse’s cursor makes everyone’s click (no matter where they click) being hijacked to my advertisement! Look at this picture (pay more attention on the loading bar at the bottom of the web-browser):!

It then will overcome the biggest problem PPC players ever encountered: the lack of users clicking the ads! This is the evidence that I’ve got just now:


Within only 6 hours of demonstration, I’ve got 2,056 page impressions, with 132 clicks, which makes me Rp. 39,600 (around US$3.80). Let’s do a little math! US$3,80 per 6 hours – we’ve got 24 hours in a day which will makes my earning is somewhere around US$14.40 per day! As you guys know, we have 30 days in a month – and that’s US$432 a month! From doing nothing at all – it’s a set and go kind of a business! Hehehe!

So! What are you waiting for (especially you Indonesian), why don’t try this method now?! Hehehe! Good luck anyway! Happy PPC earning! ^.^