Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red sex, blue sex

Carolyn F. Pevey and Nelya J. McKenzie (Auburn): Love, Fear, and Loathing: A Qualitative Examination of Christian Perceptions of Muslims. From Contexts, Jen'nan Ghazal Read (Duke): Muslims in America. At the end of a Presidential campaign that has seen "Arab" become a political slur, Arab-Americans remain at the margins of US politics. From Foreign Policy, a look at the world’s top religious power brokers. From The New Yorker, Red Sex, Blue Sex: Why do so many evangelical teen-agers become pregnant? Soulgasms of the Christian Right: A review of Sex in Crisis: The New Sexual Revolution and the Future of American Politics by Dagmar Herzog. Christ Uber Alles: An interview with Jeff Sharlet (and a review of The Family at Bookforum). From Books & Culture, a review of The Party Faithful: How and Why Democrats are Closing the God Gap by Amy Sullivan. From HNN, an interview with G. Calvin Mackenzie and Robert Weisbrot, authors of The Liberal Hour; and the dumbing down of American politics: An interview with Rick Shenkman. George Monbiot on the triumph of ignorance: Why morons succeed in US politics. From Open Source, political scientist James Fishkin’s ideal democracy is ruled by "the voice of the people, when they are thinking"; and historian Gordon Wood on a longer view of 2008.