Monday, June 6, 2011

Understand How Website Hacking Will Lower Your Google Ranking

The issue of web site hacking goes beyond childish pranks or teenage adolescent behaviour. This is professional organised money making and criminal task so the question of website security and hacking deserves consideration.

People make money from poor quality sites offering something base or fetish. To experts in this business their web sites addresses a need and, in all fairness, they do however it is such a base need that it panders to the unrestricted cravings of humanity and Google won't rank their web site quality. The resulting websites do not look as professional as any Ann Summers site but they'll niche onto the much more desperate and deeper human desires. In this respect their web sites are professional web sites but you would not wish to promote them, would you!

Over time all web sites gain Google trust and your website may also have its own followers like loyal clients, suppliers or online community followers. Probably the most useful asset you have is largely hidden and intangible; it is Google web site trust and ranking in your website. This is really what hackers are after when they've finished together with your clients credit card details. Your web site will provide easy pickings if your site security is poor.

Never undervalue the value of Google ranking trust because you can not even pay-per-click or push traffic to your site if it has been hacked and is found to be virus laden bad quality. Your web business model is totally sunk when someone has breached your site security.

Expert security hackers are just as smart as you or I - perhaps more so. They're skilled, old or young and they've their own organised sub-culture of shared hacker 'hints and suggestions.' Hackers will normally be better resourced with code cracking tools and strategies. The primary reason why your website has not been attacked, or hacked, is that it may possibly not present enough of the rich pickings for the hackers to select your site today but maybe tomorrow?

Next time you go to a website that has been hacked you can get a virus saying you've got 2023 viruses on your computer, followed by 2898, 3012 then 5032 and climbing. You pay for the suggested anti-virus cure but somehow your credit card does not work so you enter the next credit card, and also the next and the next. Surprisingly, all your credit cards are spent in Canada and Nigeria where chip and pin isn't used. Scams have 1001 techniques of appearing so it's better to increase your website security before you find your site adding to the issue.

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