Monday, June 6, 2011

Website hacking for page rank

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i take care of some websites from friends and some days ago i found a link to an external website on one page which i did not put there. I checked this link and found out that it links to an illegal indonesian gambling page. I had no clue how this link can appear at the link section where only i have permission as administrator. So I am sure they hacked my site and put their link on it to increase their own page rank.
The website i take care of is about a cottage at a volcano lake in the mountains. Has nothing to do with gambling.

So i did some research and found out that i am not the only victim. I had contact with other website owner already and they also told me that they didn't put this link there.
I think they hacked already more 50 websites and put a link. They hacked german pages, russian pages, english pages...

Another example: is a website in german about music from germany. They still have a link to this indonesian gambling page.

Most website owner don't realize it cz they hide the link mostly very clever. I call these guys SEO criminals and the only power who can fight them is google. I will write to all these website owners and tell them what i told you.

Check it by yourself. These are the guys who think they can trick me:

I hope to get some response from google.