Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to Qualify For Personal Installment Loans?

There sometimes may appear different situations when someone needs extra money to get. Whether it’s a good occasion or a bad one, one can need extra cash as fast as it’s just possible. Surely, it’s possible to lend money from your relatives or friends, but when they are not ready to provide you such a sum in the fastest way? What shall you do?

There are not so many possibilities, but nevertheless, one can apply for a short-term unsecured loan like personal installment loans. As there are no checks to be made for anyone to apply for a installment loan. The money sum is limited within $1500, the minimum sum is $100. As it’s an unsecured loan the maximum sum can exceed the mentioned one. The only guarantee of your repayment is your reputation and payment abilities. Even your credit history isn’t checked.

So, if you are not eager to borrow the money from your friends, if you don’t want to search for long-term loans, if you are fed up with financial situation, you can even go online and apply for a payday loan (also known as installment loan). What is more, there is no credit check for personal installment loans.

Personal installment loan is very easy to apply. You can get your application form even at home. Nowadays many lenders provide a special service for the debtors to fill a special application form online. You can get your cash at the very day you have decided to apply for it. As there are no other guarantors for you to provide and there are no conformations and checking of your credit history, you can get your extra cash within 2-3 hours as soon as the agents accept the application form.

They also require a little time to consider your application and to decide whether to provide you the loan or not. Providing limited sum of money and being very easy to apply, personal installment loan is getting more and more popular nowadays. Almost all the unsecured loans are more popular then secured ones, but they are of the higher rates. So, for each $100 you will repay $125. The rates in this case are 25%. The average rates vary from 20% to 27% for personal installment loans.

If you are still in two minds whether to apply for an installment loan or not, you should take into account that it’s highly dangerous to use the unsecured loan as an installment one for covering the payments on other debts as it can cause worse financial troubles.