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Rank may refer to:


  • 1 Position within a command hierarchy requiring obedience
  • 2 An achieved level of performance or credential
  • 3 Mathematics
  • 4 Others

[edit] Position within a command hierarchy requiring obedience

  • Military rank
  • Police rank
  • Fire service rank
  • Nobility, ranks of nobility and peerage
  • Catholic Church hierarchy
  • Diplomatic rank
  • Taxonomic rank, a position within a taxonomy

[edit] An achieved level of performance or credential

  • Academic rank
  • Social class or social rank
  • Dan (rank)
  • Go ranks and ratings
  • See Video game journalism for video game rank
  • Rank (chess), a row of the chessboard
  • Rank of a playing card, typically one of { ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, king }
  • Taxicab stand or taxi rank, a designated area for taxi-cabs to queue up whilst waiting for passengers
  • Rank Organisation, a British entertainment company formed in 1937, now part of The Rank Group
  • Rank of pipes in a pipe organ
  • Rank (formation) Military term for a line of soldiers

[edit] Mathematics

  • Rank (mathematics)
    • Rank (linear algebra), rank of a matrix
    • Rank of a tensor
    • Rank of a Vector bundle
    • Rank of an abelian group
    • See Cartan subgroup for rank of a Lie group
    • Rank (set theory)
    • Rank (graph theory)
    • Rank (differential topology)
    • Rank-into-rank
    • Rank of a matroid, the maximal size of an independent set
    • Rank of a greedoid, the maximal size of a feasible set
    • Rank of a free module
  • Ranking where values are replaced by their rank when the data are sorted.
    • Rank test (disambiguation)
    • Mean reciprocal rank
    • Ranking chart
  • Rank (computer programming)
  • Rank (J programming language)
  • Rank (type theory)

[edit] Others

  • RANK, a type I membrane protein
  • J. Arthur Rank, 1st Baron Rank and organisations associated with him:
    • The Rank Group
    • Rank Organisation
    • Rank Hovis McDougall
  • Rank Group Limited, an investment company owned by Graeme Hart
  • Otto Rank, Austrian psychoanalyst, writer, teacher and therapist
  • Rank (album), a live album by The Smiths
  • "Rank", a song by Artwork from A Bugged Out Mix
  • Rank (film), a short film directed by David Yates
  • Rank, Nepal
  • PageRank
  • TrustRank