Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sho'nuff vagina


"Am I the meanest?"
"Am I the prettiest?"
"Am I the baddest mo fo, low down around this town?"
"Well who am I?"
Pussy, pussy, pussy. The first time I said that word I knew I was in love. P-U-S-S-Y. I don't get why women don't realize that they have the most powerful thing ever conceived. Pussy is like one of those things you dream about as a kid and when you finally get to experience it it's like all your dreams have come true. It's one of the few things in life that live up to it's hype. At the very end of the day everything we as men do is for pussy. Not to seem too dramatic and crazed but we breath just so we can get some more. Everything from going to work to picking out what clothes we wear is ultimately done to either acquire a woman and either keep her or get another one. The debate of good pussy and bad pussy is irrelevant. Yes there's a difference but frankly we don't really care what type of pussy you have. It's pussy. Farther down the line we may have questions on smells and hygiene and what not but from jump street we're just tryna get it. So that conversation isn't going to happen. The pursuit of pussy is what forces men to change. A shy guy becomes outgoing, a skinny guy beefs up, a jock writes poetry, and a business man drops a stack at a bar all for the pursuit. For some reason women have lost site of the significance of this precious resource that they hold between their thighs. Women nowadays give it up like they're loaning out their calculator. But pussy causes a man to focus. I don't believe in withholding sex to get gifts or your way but do realize the value of your anatomy. Pussy is warm, and wet and has the power to make a man feel empowered, comfortable, secure, and relaxed . All the shit we want to be all the time. When a man has pussy in his life and is inside of pussy all other things are unimportant. The one thing about pussy however is that it won't force a guy to stay with you and put up with bullshit. If a chick is crazy, no matter how good it is we chuck the deuces. Most men understand that the ocean is big as shit and there's nothing more cliche than a man fishing. It's what we do, I may take my dog tomorrow to go fishing. Pussy is the motivator, the bait if you will, but who you are upstairs is the meat and potatoes that's the hook. The world is run by your celestial V. Through you we continue and from you we come.
RIP to the guy who played the Shogun of Harlem